Peter Karp pkarp at AI.SRI.COM
Mon Feb 27 13:21:13 EST 1995

Dave,  Forcing people to "register" for a newsgroup before posting seems
like a bad idea.  First, many people will not figure out how to register,
or that they have to register, and will therefore be inhibited from
posting when their posting is rejected.  

Second, devious people will still be able to register, then post an
ad.  Yes, you will then unregister them.  But instead of creating this
huge amount of registering overhead, why not simply keep a list of
people who are not allowed to post, which is the set of all people
who have spammed the net?

In fact, I don't think either your idea, or my idea in para 2 will work,
because I don't think you tend to see multiple spams by the same person.
That is a much smaller problem than single spams by potentially millions
of people.


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