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> Keith Robison <robison at> wrote:
> I'm not sure that I see this whole registration/moderation scheme as a
> good thing.  I fear that it will simply restrict, or at least create
> an unnecessary difficulty to, those that want to post a message.
> There are already lots of lurkers on the lists, those that only read.
> If more and more people are moving to news readers then it will be a
> little strange to require someone to first e-mail a message to
> register themselves.

	I don't have a firm pro or con opinion yet, but thinking about
what it's likely to mean for the "typical" users here, I also suspect
it will not prove to have been a good thing.  Our users typically
scan a goodly number of the bionet groups via the news reader, but
maintain email subscriptions to specialized groups of particular
interest to themselves.  I wouldn't think of them as "lurkers" when
they "browse" via the news reader, any more than they are lurkers when
they browse journals in the library, as opposed to the few they subscribe
to and read in their offices.  But it's unlikely they would have bothered
to send a posting subscription for all the groups that they browse.  So
if they see something to which they might have posted a rely, and become
actively involved in the discussion on that topic, it won't happen.


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