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=> >Moderating the newsgroups would mean changing them so that only
=> >preapproved messages would be distributed.

=>      Not if you permit the use of retroactive moderation as an
=> alternative to preapproval moderation.

A problem with bionet is that a large fraction of users read the
groups as mailing lists.  Thus cancelbots (as I think Dave points out
elsewhere in the thread) and RM won't help if the article makes it
to the gateway before being cancelled.

To keep the mailing lists clean will require some kind of preemptive

Note that the spamming problem is typically perpetrated by people who
don't even read the groups in question.

Perhaps a registration system could be put in place at the gateway to
the mailing lists. The (human) registrar could vet first-time postings,
and if passed add the poster to the list of registered users.
This would at least clean up the mailing lists.

Rogue "Approved:" headers could probably be detected at the gateway,
and prevented from reaching the lists.   Perhaps a little RM could
be applied here as well. 

For the concept & details of Retroactive Moderation, see Dick's article
and mail server:
=> P.S. for more information send the single line "index retromod" to
=>      "archive-server at"

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