Tick removel

dscolvin at rain.org dscolvin at rain.org
Tue Feb 28 13:31:18 EST 1995

I recently read an article in an outdoor magazine (letter to the editor) regarding the removal of ticks.  
The letter says that using trichlorethane (typewriter key cleaning fluid) kills the tick immediately and 
allows it to be picked off - immediately.  We have tried every method in the books and it always 
seems to lead to some problem, ie. head left under skin, etc.  This letter goes on to say that the 
trichlorethane penetrates the hair follicle which is below the surface of the skin and will also kill any 
virsuses.  This sounds pretty good for Lymes disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever - but is it 
to good to be true?
	Any advise or suggestions, would be appreciated.

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