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>[snip, snip snip]  The motive is to restrict the newsgroups to use by
>professionals while leaving some groups like bionet.general open for
>general use.  Also remember that there are other lay person groups
>like for open discussions.  While I realize that net gurus
>like DanZ might not appreciate such a move, I'm not sure this feeling
>is shared by users who don't spend as much time on the net and want to
>find relevant info quickly without sorting through questions about
>"can I get help on my high school science project?"  While there is a
>place for such questions on the net, we may also want to restrict
>access on some forums to prevent this kind of thing from being posted.
>I don't think such an idea is either idiotic or unworthy of respect.

Such an action is long overdue!  I am on the verge of unsubscribing
from a variety of general news groups (and even a few of the more
specific ones) because I just no longer have the time to wade
through all the chaff.  It would be a shame because because I have
gotten help and ideas fron net-collegues and have given it in
return.  Unfortunately, as with all research/teaching tools, you
have to choose those which give you the most benefit for the time or
$ cost invested.  Most of the big biosci groups are teetering on the
cost/benefit brink for me and many others.  If those of us who have
been computer enthusiasts in our areas of biology are turned off,
how can we encourage others who have to invest the reading time AND
the "fighting with your computer time" which all new users
experience to some degree?

Jusy my 2 cents worth


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