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>Dear Friends,  My company is willing to spending some bucks to pay for 
>and send me to some place to educate me on statistics for the life 
>sciences.  I have a strong mathematics and physical science background 
>and just need to supplement this with my mediocre expousure to 
>statistics.  My ideal is a 1 week long intensive course which is 
>computer oriented.  And yes I am willing to work very hard during tis 
>week.  Please send me any referals you  may have.  Thanks in advance.  
>Paul.  --And yes this request does not implecate my employer who keeps 
>me in bread and wine.

	Perhaps you might check with Johns Hopkins Univ. They run a series
of short courses on epidemiologic topics. Biostats is covered under one of
these.  Hope this helps. 

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