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Tue Jan 3 14:04:50 EST 1995

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> We also want to hear if anyone has thoughts about the contents
> of such a course, and which books to use.

Hi Ingvar,

You might want to check out a book series called "Methods in Enzymology",
this is standard for Biochemists and your university library surely has it.
There are several volumes concerned with biocomputing (eg. vol 183, 210,
224), the texts have an emphasis on algorithms together that covers much of
what you would currently teach.

Also there is a very excellent book by Gunnar von Heijne (Sequence Analysis
in Molecular Biology, Academic Press, 1987) which would still serve as an
excellent introductory text, even though now, eight yours later an update
would be greatly appreciated. (Or is anyone aware of a more recent version

Third, you might try to obtain a users manual for the UWGCG sequence
analysis package which is _very_ comprehensive, from a molecular biologists
point of view. Probably your molecular biologists would have it or just
contact GCG at e-mail to <help at>.

A completely different field is molecular modelling, NMR and X-ray
structural analysis.

If you get some more precise ideas, would you summarize please ? I am
afraid I will be up against a similar problem soon. 

Boris <steipe at>

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