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Eddy Sean (sre at wrote:
: article <3e7p5h$e54 at> enews at (enews) writes:
:   >Venter predicts the protests will lessen over time. He
:   >notes that the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has
:   >agreed to the terms, as have a number of universities.
:   >"As people look at it closely, the issues go away, and
:   >the initial emotional responses from the publicity
:   >that's been generated by Merck and others totally
:   >vanishes, because all the data's available to academic
:   >scientists anywhere in the world," Venter says. "Over
:   >half the data has no strings attached to it at all...

: What I want for my work -- and others, I am sure, are in similar
: positions -- is access to the entire EST database for analysis with my
: own software. As far as I know, this is not possible, even if I sign a
: "Level Two" access agreement with TIGR/HGS/SKB.

: For every major model organism *except* the human, cDNA and genomic
: sequence data are being put in public databases -- yeast, fly, worm,
: E. coli, and so on. The virtual absence of human data when 350,000+
: sequences currently exist in TIGR, HGS, and SKB computers is a
: painful, frustrating situation.

Perhaps, people sequences for non-profits should start 'copy-lefting'
their DNA and Amino Acid sequences.  Perhaps slightly modified, which 
instead say that:
	These sequences cannot be used in a 'for-profit' database
	or any proprietary (non-public) release database.

I think this would at least make them really think.

Just a idea.

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