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Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
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Andrew Hiles (andrew at hiles.demon.co.uk) wrote:
> What is the easiest way to do a literature search via the net?  I'm 
> afraid I'm a "newbie" and haven't yet found a suitable bio. server that 
> indexes articles in the various biological journals/magazines.

AFAIK there is (yet) no way to do an exhaustive literature search on the
net for free. Your library should have the facilities for a literature
search. There are several companies (e.g. STN international) which offer
databases for a (IMHO quite hefty) fee.

Subsets of Medline (mainly concerned with Molecular Biology) are available
via WWW at the following URLs:

	Medline Subset Query Form
	Entrez Browser

Hope that helps,

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