Taurine in Scottish Energy Drink!

Kevin P. O'Connell oconne18 at pilot.msu.edu
Tue Jan 3 16:44:00 EST 1995

Hi all!
This is an aside to the taurine discussion.  I was in Edinburgh this past 
summer and saw in the store at the U of E halls of residence a canned drink
whose name I can't recall, but it had something to do with bulls (hah! Taurine!
get it!  Wheeze.)  Anyhow, this stuff contained taurine and was alleged in
the little brochure to give all sorts of endurance and so on.  Seemed like 
snake oil to me.  I didn't try any, but the woman running the shop said the
stuff flies out the door around finals time. 
And no, it's not "Irn Bru"!!

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