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                           Call for Participation
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The Biological Sciences Department of California Polytechnic State 
University at San Luis Obispo is soliciting applications/nominations of 
experienced individuals to conduct a program review. The department 
offers undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in 
Biological Sciences, Ecology and Systematic Biology, and Microbiology, 
and a graduate program leading to a Master of Science degree in Biology. 
In addition, the department provides general education and support 
courses for approximately 15,000 nonmajor students.

As part of the continuing effort to evaluate course offerings and program 
development, the department will conduct a formal review of degree 
curricula, nonmajor and major course offerings, professional development 
of faculty, and program resources. External reviewers are expected to 
visit the campus while classes are in session during the Winter Quarter. 
A preliminary oral report should be presented to the faculty at the end 
of the campus visit. A final written evaluation is to be submitted within 
two weeks of the campus visit. Travel expenses, food and lodging during 
the campus visit, and an honorarium will be paid by the department.

Qualified individuals in the areas of Biology, Ecology, and Microbiology 
are encouraged to apply. Cal Poly actively encourages applications and 
nominations of women, persons of color, applicants with disabilities, and 
members of other underrepresented groups. Applications/nominations should 
be submitted to Dr. V. L. Holland, Department Chair, Biological Sciences 
Department, Cal Poly-SLO, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 or via email to 
di301 at

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