release 1.2 of GAS now available

Geordie +1865 740 011 ayoung at
Wed Jan 4 20:33:17 EST 1995

 The GAS program has now been updated to Version 1.2, which is available
via anonymous ftp from in directory pub/genetics/gas.

For users new to this package, it provides facilities for reading, writing,
sectioning and performing statistical analyses on phenotypic and genotypic
data.  It has been developed within the department of medicine at Oxford
University and is available via ftp as freeware.

The main additions to the previous version include:

 * full use of extended memory on IBM 486/Pentium PCs

 * association tests for marker/candidate alleles and diseases

 * extended categories of select(), including marker alleles

 * maximum-likelihood estimates for sib-pair IBD

In response to requests the section of the manual devoted to the select()
command has been enlarged with further examples.

A minor bug gas been corrected in 1.1 sibstate().  This was giving too low
p-values and has been corrected in version 1.2.  No other bugs were reported.

Directions for unpacking the program and documentation are in the file `README'
available via anonymous ftp from directory pub/genetics/gas at
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