Praying mantises

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at
Fri Jan 6 20:15:21 EST 1995

I've had those large Oriental praying mantises in my garden for some
years.  They just appeared by themselves.  I did not introduce any egg
cases.  I had something like 9 or 10 egg cases that fall of 93.  I had no
praying mantises this summer at all.  I assume last winter was too cold
for them.  I assume if I tried to get the smaller, native mantids - that
this would be difficult.  Does anyone know how?  Since these egg cases are
sold so commonly,  I'm also assuming at some point they would again
recolonize my garden and wipe out the smaller mantids, if indeed I did try
and reintroduce the smaller native ones.

	Also, is it mantises or mantids?

Central Ohio

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