Hair Growth Linked To Growth Hormone?

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I think this may be true, based on my own experience. In 1990, at the age
of 32, I was losing my hair really fast, and spent a small fortune (almost
$3,000) for one of those elaborate hair "systems." It was a real pain, and
costed $100 a month to maintain. 

Being a believer in good nutrition my entire life, and having read about
the effects of growth hormone, I couldn't help wondering if my hair loss
at an early age was linked to my body having a growth hormone deficiency. 
I read that after the age of 30, your body gradually decreases production
of the substance by its pituitary gland. I also heard that a healthy level
of growth hormone in the body, helps keep the testosterone balance in
check (something believed accountable for hair loss). Also, I heard that
catching hair loss at an early age as I did (at age 32), gives a better
chance of recovery (i.e., they even mentioned that regarding monoxodil
(sp) that you apply to the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and hair
growth, which I personally think is too risky considering that this is
really a form of high blood pressure medicine, I read somewhere). 

About that time, I started reading about how pharmaceutical grade amino
acids (which are available in health food stores), such as L-2 Amino-5
Guanidopentanoic Acid, L 2.5 Diaminopentoic Acid Monohydrochloride HCI, D
2 Amino 3 Hydroxybutric Acid, taken in combination with Pyridoxine HCI,
can stimulate the pituitary gland into increased production of growth
hormone NATURALLY OCCURRING IN THE HUMAN BODY. In other words, when you're
a teenager and young adult, your body's pituitary gland naturally produces
a lot of precious growth hormone, pumping it through the bloodstream. 

Yet for some reason, after the age of 30, the body's production of growth
hormone diminishes. However, taking the above pharmaceutical grade amino
acids, and combining this with a nutritious diet and rest (to nourish the
pituitary gland which is stimulated to work harder by the amino acids),
growth hormone production is often increased to pre-30 levels. I decided
to look into sources of pharmaceutical grade amino acids, and discovered a
company in San Mateo, California, owned by a bio-tech inventor who has
developed a proprietary method of amino formulation in his lab. 

After spending thousands of dollars on real human hair (woven to my own
hair, a rather painful process that pulls the scalp as the hair is
braided), I figured that I had nothing to lose. I calculated that my
lifetime expenditure from the hair "system" alone (maintenance and new
"systems" as my old hair wore out), would put my retirement in jeopardy. 
For example, at $3,000 every 2 years and $100 a month, I would spend
$66,000 making that hair tycoon rich over the next 30 years (and that's
not calculating the interest and inflation factors)! Imagine multiplying
$66,000 times all the people who get these hair "systems"! Wow. 

So I decided to try the proprietary amino acid formulation by this
bio-tech inventor, after seeing my friends (in their 40's) go through
another type of transformation that results from increased hormone
production -- elastic skin that lacks wrinkles and the pallor of aging. 
They looked really bad before taking the amino's for a year from this
inventor's company (if you're reading this, no offense!). 

After a year of taking this particular pharmaceutical grade amino
formulation containing amino's such as L-2 Amino-5 Guanidopentanoic Acid,
L 2.5 Diaminopentoic Acid Monohydrochloride HCI, and D 2 Amino 3
Hydroxybutric Acid in combination with Pyridoxine HCI, my friends looked
really great. The "crows feet" were disappearing, and although they caught
their hair loss apparently too late (as their hair didn't grow back, as
mine later did starting at the age of 33), the rest of them looked pretty
darned good for being in their 40's and having lived a life consisting of
poor eating and sleeping habits. (Again, if you're reading this, no
offense, you look great now!) I'm sure they'll recognize I'm talking about
their experience, but it's impacted me so much that I wanted to share it
on the net, along with my own experience. 

Anyway, I started taking these amino acids from this company, back in 1990
shortly after I spent all that money for a "new" head of hair (to use a
worn-out cliche). As I said, I figured that I had nothing to lose, since
if I didn't do something, I'd spend my retirement funds that should be
invested, on hair. Besides, I compared the cost on a per gram basis, to
other similar amino acids at my health food store, and shopped around, and
the price per gram was pretty much the same. A bottle of gel caps (or a
month's supply of it) contains a little over 100 grams (or I calculated,
102,000 milligrams or "mg"), of the above pharmaceutical grade amino's. 
The daily dosage, in other words, is 3.4 grams (or 3,400 mg). 

Within a year, I needed my hair "system" serviced more often. My hair was
growing faster, which they attributed at first to the cold weather.(?) At
first, I thought that the cold was making my hair grow fast, but it was
growing really fast. Also, I seemed to heal faster from cuts, chapped
lips, and my fingernails started growing faster (I had to clip them twice
as often, it seemed). Also, being a stressed out computer "nerd," I was
getting the beginnings of "crows feet" and my skin was a little stressed
looking. This disappeared and my skin looked really good for once. I also
caught the flu less often, missing the flu season. I felt really immune to
things, as if my immunity was really boosted by the increased growth
hormone levels evidently stimulated by these amino acids. 

Now I want to mention that I'm a non-smoker (never smoked), never used
drugs of any kind, and since the age of 17 have always been into
nutrition, good eating and sleeping habits, exercise, an overall healthy
lifestyle. In spite of all this, the stress of making "ends meet" really
was taking its toll, in my premature hair loss and prematurely aging skin
appearance. All this started to noticeably change over the first year of
taking these amino's before bedtime. 

By the way, I found through research that taking amino's BEFORE BEDTIME,
is the best way for them to work, since the pituitary gland (which
manufactures natural growth hormone in the human body), is most active
during REM sleep, so that's the best time for the amino's to be
circulating through the blood stimulating the pituitary gland. I take 3.4
grams (or 3,400 mg) before going to sleep. 

After almost 3 years of taking 3.4 grams per night on a steady basis,
without interruption, they found it almost impossible to keep the "real" 
human hair weave mounted on my head. It was more like a very expensive
baseball cap that kept coming loose, it was terrible. I kept wondering,
why am I spending $100 a month on this? Also, it was starting to wear out,
and they were offering me a "special" price on a new hair "system"  (still
over $2,000). Although convinced that removing it would mean being bald, I
just couldn't see spending more money. So I had them remove it. Also, I
figured that I had to choose between spending $100 a month for the hair,
or roughly $40 a month for the amino acids. I couldn't afford both, as the
recession had really kicked in, and was sinking my consulting business
fast. So, would I spend roughly $40 a month putting just over 100 grams of
potentially growth hormone stimulating amino acids into my body, or would
I spend two and a half times that amount, braiding real human hair onto my
own diminishing hair? The choice was obvious. A gamble, no doubt, but it
turned out to payoff beyond my expectations. 

When she took the scissors and cut it off (and unraveled the braid),
before I had a chance to look in the mirror, she asked me why I had it in
the first place? That I could have done just fine without it! When I
looked in the mirror, all my hair was back. It was a strange feeling. I
told her that originally, I hardly had any hair on top of my head, but she
humored me. I could tell she didn't believe that in 3 years of going
there, it could have grown back. I mean, these sort of things don't happen
in the "real world." (--grin!!!--) Although it was still a little limp and
frizzy, it was all back and full length. What a relief. Now I didn't have
to worry about not being presentable at a business presentation. 

Now it's been 5 years since I've taken these amino's, and my hair is thick
and normal looking, and getting more bushy every few months.  Every time I
seem to enter a "growth spurt," as I call it (when I theorize that my body
produces a rush of growth hormone), my scalp itches and a few weeks later,
my hair looks more filled out. At the age of 37, people tell me that I
look in my late 20's or early 30's. I was once even asked for ID, when I
went out with some friends and wearing a leather bomber jacket (which
combined with my looks, made me look a little too young for comfort). It
was embarrassing and great. My skin looks so smooth, sometimes I stare in
the mirror, it seems dreamlike. 

Well, I've gone on and on. I just wanted to share this experience on the
net. I order my monthly supply by calling the bio-tech company's toll-free
line, 800 - YOUTH-01. They are great too, in that they're willing to send
out free literature on scientific studies and full information on it, so
it's a real education just to read the free scientific literature and
results of studies on people who take it. I'm impressed with the amount of
research that went into it, as well as reports that many Hollywood
celebrities are taking it and obviously benefiting from the skin growth
aspects. Growth hormone therapy, is also being used successfully on AIDS
patients, so it seems to me that stimulating a NATURAL RESPONSE would be
preferable to artificial means, if possible. If growth hormone can do that
to AIDS sufferers, then it seems to me that a healthy person can develop a
super immune system. With all the plagues coming out of the ecologically
damaged rain forests, a super immune system may be the ticket to survival. 

I've got to close, I got carried away here, and want to post this to a few
places. I hope this experience has helped those who are looking for a
natural way to use their own body's growth hormone producing capabilities,
to heal the negative effects of oxidation and cellular breakdown caused by
aging. By the way, the inventor of this formula is a researcher in aging,
and has a wealth of valuable ideas. If you do decide to call the above
toll free number (800 / YOUTH-01), perhaps suggest they get a WWW home
page so people can learn more about the aging process, and the benefits of
naturally produced human growth hormone. I think if enough people suggest
this, this bio-tech company may decide it's worth getting a home page. I
know this formula has helped a lot of sick people in my area, and as a
healthy person, it's made me even better. I just hope more people can
learn about it.

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