Taurine in Scottish Energy Drink!

Thilo Kuchenbrod kuchenbr at jurpool0.rz.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Jan 9 17:48:47 EST 1995

You probably found a can "Red Bull", one of these "Power Drinks" everyone
who feels hip is drinking today. It tastes like gummibears, contains
taurin, "glucoronolacton", "myo-Inosit" and caffeine. People believe they
get a kick after drinking one. As far as I know, the only stuff that
kicks is the caffeine, but one can contains only 80 mg, which is actually a
cup of coffee. 
There is also stuff called "Flying Horse" with exactly the same ingredients,
but this doesn't taste like gummibears.
1 year ago Red Bull and the other power drinks where not allowed in the EU,
so people smuggled it in from Austria (they invented it) ! This resulted in
a myth around the power of Red Bull et al., and when last year the EU
"legalized" the stuff, people couldn't believe the fact that the drinks
you could now buy at every shop and that contain so less caffeine where 
*exactly* the same stuff ;-)
BTW, it's a quite expensive cop of coffee, too.


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