Melissa A Traud mt48+ at
Mon Jan 9 16:27:31 EST 1995

I cannot find an appropriate bboard for the following
question and I would really appreciate if someone on this bboard could
give me answere to this question.

  Here is the question...I am an artist and I aurrently working on a
project where I am using enamel paints on glasswear (mugs,glasses) my
question is do you think enamel will be safe when washing dishes? It is
definately adhered to the surface and will not scrape off,but would it
leech anything harmful  into the water ,does this sound safe or would
putting a layer of polyurethane be advisable or worse..please, if anyone
can answere this question post any information to me.I am hoping that
the enamel would be safe on it's own.     Thanks so much...Melissa

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