Microwaves action on milk for infants

Leszek Balla les at ripco.com
Tue Jan 10 01:05:45 EST 1995

As a Post Script, I wanted to add that I'll tell you one example where 
microwave heating is a BAD idea. I remember hearing as a resident at a Chicago
hospital where one of the other residents had a unit of frozen RBC's ready to
run in a transfusion, but hadn't allowed the time for proper thawing. You can 
figure the rest.................
That's what I call a bad plan for microwaving.........
                                                    .....L. Balla, DDS

Leszek Balla (les at ripco.com) wrote:
: I agree with most of the above statements...denaturization of the protein 
: would be the limit of the "crime" in culinary terms, and only if the isolated
: super-heated pockets formed during the process. There would be no effect that 
: I would worry about. I drink milk heated in this fashion frequently, and most 
: of you do too.
:                                            L. Balla, DDS

: Stephane Corteel (scorteel at resulb.ulb.ac.be) wrote:
: : As a young father (my baby now is 7 weeks old) I read a lot...
: : I've read (and some people also told me) that warwing up a feeding
: : bottle using a microwave oven is not recommended because the microwaves
: : cause molecular changes in some proteins of the milk.

: : But, at this time, nobody could confirm that or give me an more
: : scientific explanation.

: : If someone could provide me a answer that an engineer like me can
: : accept, it would be very nice.

: : Thank you very much for any information

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                                                      --- Leszek Balla
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