Pills and Bomb and age and Sex?

Hao Xiao haoxiao at cc.UManitoba.CA
Tue Jan 10 04:55:55 EST 1995

> > commercially available that "slows down the process of ageing".
> > 
> > Is that yet another 'fraudy' attempt to make people eat vitamine C or some 
> > other anti-oxidant ? Have any of you heard of this 'pill' and what its 
> > content is ?

> I heard it too. It is an hormone of the cortex which is actively produced

	Is it from the pine corn beside the spinal cord or cortex? Is 
this hormnoe also participates in pigment formation? I don't remember it 
anymore. Or it is its antaganist.

> scientific from the press, but for me the best way of ageing is to make
> love until you can, than rest, read books and enjoy life (hoping to be

	Nitric Oxide (NO) do better job, particularly for male erection 
and female vaginal rythmic contraction. 

> healthy of course) with no need for hormones.
			!!!!!!!!!! to supplement of		

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