Pills against ageing !!

Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Tue Jan 10 09:33:52 EST 1995

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> This morning C.E.T. I heard from TV channel Euronews, that a pill was 
> commercially available that "slows down the process of ageing".
> Is that yet another 'fraudy' attempt to make people eat vitamine C or some 
> other anti-oxidant ? Have any of you heard of this 'pill' and what its 
> content is ?
> Sincerely,
> J.U. Thorup
> Dept.Clin.Biochem.
> National Univ. Hospital
> Denmark

I heard it too. It is an hormone of the cortex which is actively produced
in the youngs and then decreases with age. Reintroduction of this guy (too
bad the News did not say what it is) in old people would give some
improvements. It was developed by a French group, but beside the obvious
"scoop" of press agencies, the researcher said:
1) It is not yet commercially available
2) It is undergoing clinical trial
but most of all...
3) Its main effect is to cure pain in your back, to reduce weakness and
improve your vision of life!!! Nothing to do with serious matters like
Alz.'s desease or so! What I think? It is difficult to get something
scientific from the press, but for me the best way of ageing is to make
love until you can, than rest, read books and enjoy life (hoping to be
healthy of course) with no need for hormones.
I just want to apologize with the French scientist if my opinion is
uncorrect. It is based to mainly on what I heard from the TV NEWS. 
G. Maga, PhD Biochemistry
University of Zuerich
e-mail: maga at vetbio.unizh.ch 

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