DNA gif or jpg?

James Mahaffy mahaffy at dordt.edu
Tue Jan 10 11:46:10 EST 1995

jjwhyte (jjwhyte at sciborg.uwaterloo.ca) wrote:
: Can anyone suggest a site where I could find a good colour image of
: molecular DNA?  A space filling model would be ideal, but any suggestions
: would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks,
: Jeff
: jjwhyte at sciborg.uwaterloo.ca

	Something that works well for me in teaching is using the RasMol2
software.  Then you can look at any of the Brookhaven molecules,
including DNA.  You have a variety of veiwing methods and can turn the
molecule.  You really should have a 486 with a math co-processor. The
software is free (small donation to author will not be turned down). 

	I really like it for visually showing active sites in enzymes to my
	I am not sure where you can get the software, but could find out for
you if you can't find it. 

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