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I hope this is the right newsgroup for my request. Anyway, here it is:

I am a student of English literature at the University of Hamburg.
Currently, I am working on a paper that will deal with different
definitions of "race" (this is for a class on South African literature). I
have some material on "race as a social construction", political
definitions of race and so forth, but I would like to include a biological

I have read that most contemporary biologists do not believe
that there are *any* human races. (It would be helpful to hear the

In one article, however, it said that recently, there was renewed interest
in a racial classification of humanity, and that it was done by measuring
the degree of genetic distinctness between populations. (Jared Diamond,
"Race Without Color". _Discover_ (November 1994):82-89) Diamond points out
that no agreement has been reached yet, but that it seemed that genetic
diversity was greatest in Africa.

			"If so, the primary races of humanity may consist of several African
races, plus one race to encompass all peoples of all other continents.
Swedes, New Guineans, Japanese, and Navajo would then belong to the same
primary race; the Khoisans of southern Africa would constitute another
primary race by themselves; and African "blacks" and Pygmies would be
divided among several other primary races." (89)

If any one of you can give me more information on this subject, or could
point out to me where to find it, I would greatly appreciate it.

***Please reply via e-mail to fs4a022 at rrz-cip-1.uni-hamburg.de --- I will
gladly summarize to the net!***

Thanks a lot!

Niclas Mika
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