Genetic disease information on Internet?

Belinda J.F. Rossiter rossiter at
Wed Jan 11 09:25:04 EST 1995

Does anyone know of information resources on the Internet regarding
genetic diseases?  I am not thinking of comprehensive information such as
that in the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, but rather something more
directed to the interested lay public.  For instance, an easy-to-read
description of the disease, how it is inherited, treatment options that
are currently available or might be in the future, and details of support
groups and the like.

If there isn't anything like this on the Internet, does anyone have any
suggestions as to what might be useful in such a service?

I would prefer e-mail replies but posting is fine too.  I'll summarize
what I learn.

Thanks for your input,

Belinda J.F. Rossiter
Baylor College of Medicine
rossiter at

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