Survey for reducing lab paper waste

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Thu Jan 12 13:40:40 EST 1995

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>I would like to ask of PI's, lab managers, and fellow scientists
>if you would like to see the amount of mail you recieve reduced.
>Thank you very much.

I can't imagine that you would find anyone who would not want the
amount of jumk mail they receive from companies reduced or at least
have this type of mail be in a recyclable form. The problem is that we
don't have much say in this type of mail. I support those companies
that are environmentally conscious and I let their sales reps know
this. I also let the others know that they should switch if they value
my business. 

Probably a bigger problem is the styrofoam packing material that many
companies continue to use. The same deal here. Let the people you
order supplies from know that you don't what syrofoam packing

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