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James Mahaffy (mahaffy at wrote:
: BIOSCI Administrator (biosci-help at wrote:
: : We have received a proposal below for a new newsgroup,

: : BIO-SRS/


: 	May I suggest you change the name to better reflect what the
: proposed group will be discussing.  The first thing I thought of when I
: saw the name was that it was a group for Biology seniors to talk about
: their topics.  Not everyone knows what SRS stands for. 

Whilst I agree that acronyms are difficult to understand for outsiders,
the use of short, very significant names is possibly the only way to make 
messages and discussions readable. You might have read the call for proposals
which indicates that SRS stands for Sequence Retrieval System. 

The proposed discussion group will be most beneficial to people who use 
the Sequence Retrieval System, develop tools for the Sequence Retrieval System,
maintain Sequence Retrieval System indices of databases and are interested
in Sequence Retrieval System development. As with ACEDB, the use of short
names (I.e. use a word like SRS for the name Sequence Retrieval System) makes
it easier to talk about the Sequence Retrieval System. Messages about the 
Sequence Retrieval System which are not posted in the discussion group
we discuss here (named BIO-SRS/, where SRS stands for 
Sequence Retrieval System) will explain to users who are unaware of the 
Sequence Retrieval System that they may use the Sequence Retrieval System
for various purposes which are most beneficial to the community as a whole.

Seriously, the program we waht to suggest a discussion group for is suited 
to interlink most databases available in Molecular Biology today. Anything 
which is available as a flat file can be indexed. Whereas the original de-
velopment will continue at EMBL, other parties are incrieasingly interested,
and internal mails are much more efficiently distributed if announcements 
and discussions can float freely in the public. We hope to provide support
and a lively discussion, including options for installation aid and user 

S R S == Sequence Retrieval System.

Reinhard Doelz

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