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>: We are students at La Sierra High School Health Academy.
>: We are doing a project on whether nutrition affects level
>: of intelligence and comprehension. We need to know if there
>: is a good intelligence test to use 
>: and if there has been a
>: diet found to improve test performance.

	You may want to check out some of the papers from UNESCO
supported work in developing countries. I'm most familar with the 
studies looking at the impact of helminth infections on academic
achievment, although there are others concerned with nutrition,
and still others looking at parasitic infection and nutritional 
impairment.  Check out the paper by Nokes and Bundy (Parasit Today 10:14-18)
for some references to get you started.
      I don't believe there is such a simple correlation 
between diet and academic achievment, or infection and acheivement.
Of course another question you must ask is there a valid test for measuring
intellegence, and what is it actually measuring (eg. cultural competence).  
This was covered extensively in previous posts on the Bell Curve.  

Hope this is helpful.

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