nutrition and intelligence

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Thu Jan 12 04:53:04 EST 1995

Marge Congress (MargeC at wrote:
: We are students at La Sierra High School Health Academy.
: We are doing a project on whether nutrition affects level
: of intelligence and comprehension. We need to know if there
: is a good intelligence test to use 

: and if there has been a
: diet found to improve test performance.

A trick which was very usefull for me while I studied was to take a vitamine
complex (mainly vitamin-B) together with a diluted glucose drink like 
grenadine (=a lot of glucose, a color and a taste). It puts my brains in 
a boost tempo and I could study for longer periods. I never studied 
during the year so I had to study hard during the examination period. I 
think the effect is mainly because of the glucose because for your 
brains it is very important not to go under the 5 mM glucose level.

Much fun.


: Jessica McCoppin and Joshua Kroll and Matthew Sipes
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