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R.Doelz,Biocomputing Basel;+41 61 267 22 47 (doelz at wrote:
: In article <steipe-120195113826 at>, steipe at (Boris Steipe) writes:
: [...]
: > feels that SRS should not be discussed there. Thus if
: > pretty much the same people read both groups, why do you need a separate
: > group? The traffic is low anyway. I may be wrong but I don't see the
: > _need_.

: Cornelius Krasel wrote:
: [...]
: >I don't think that the traffic on concerned with SRS warrants
: >the creation of another bionet group.

: Both colleagues have observed low traffic on bionet software with respect to
: SRS. To conclude that there is now message traffic, however, is incorrect. 
[... deleted most of Reinhard's text...]
I completely second Reinhard's points. 
The submitted proposal did not come out of the blue, although it may seem
so to readers of Behind the scene, the idea has been
growing, together with the rate of e-mails between SRS maintainers.
I'm supporting the EBI SRS service,
and frequently I'm reporting back infomation (via email) to Thure about
patches and changes. Not all changes will be of interest to Thure, so
they will not all make it into the official distribution. But others could 
benefit from them. I don't like to wade through to see
other developpers' point of view. And obviously nobody dared to use for this kind of not-interesting-to-many-readers messages
I'm reading both and bionet.gcg, but I do read these at
different times. 

The newsgroup can take some of the user support load from
Thure's shoulders. I do not want to use this newsgroup
for general announcements of new releases, but as a discussion place for
users/maintainers of SRS servers/sites.
A lot of development is going on around SRS. (eg SRS-HASSLE from Reinhard,
I'm working on SRS-FTP). I do not want to bring technical discussions
on new development, beta-testing, etc to


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