DNA gif or jpg?

Leslie Young lyoung at netcom.com
Sat Jan 14 12:55:27 EST 1995

  Strange it may seem, but I just have a gif of B-DNA lying around on my 
hard drive.  I will post it here, calling it B-DNA.

  You may also want to check out a program called "HyperChem".  It's the 
program I used to generate this DNA gif.  You can build any 
macromolecules you like, and it even has a built-in database for protein 
and DNA.  So all you have to do to generate a DNA molecular structure or 
protein is to specify it's sequence and primary structure.  You can even 
specify the details about its conformation, like the angles and stuff.  
REal cool program.  But of course, you need a 486 with math-coprocessor 
to run it.

  I think most people in this newsgroup are professors.  But I'm just a 
lowly undergrad who likes molecular biology.

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