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: > A trick which was very usefull for me while I studied was to take a vitamine
: > complex (mainly vitamin-B) together with a diluted glucose drink like 
: > grenadine (=a lot of glucose, a color and a taste). It puts my brains in 
: > a boost tempo and I could study for longer periods. I never studied 
: > during the year so I had to study hard during the examination period. I 
: > think the effect is mainly because of the glucose because for your 
: > brains it is very important not to go under the 5 mM glucose level.
: Hi Luc,
: you should mention that overdosing glucose will finally lead to a
: glucose deprived state some ours later. It is therefor recommended
: to take chocolate in small bits, not in one big portion. Your drink
: was probably more suited as it was diluted !

Hello Jorg,

Sorry that I was unclear, but the way I drink it is strongly diluted. The 
grenadine comes as a concentrated sirup which I dilute with water. About 
the overdosing with glucose, you are absolutely right. Glucose is easilly 
taken up into the blood but the risk of overdosing is very low if you 
take it in a diluted form. The danger arrises when the glucose (= 
alpha-D-Glucose = Dextrose = blood sugar) is consumed in a tablet form 
like Dextro-Energy. Then you can get indeed an overdosis. 
Thank you for bringing it up.


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