Inquiry: Need to locate "Nature" (UK env.sci. journal)

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Sat Jan 14 14:44:27 EST 1995

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>> I am interested in obtaining information about the British journal, Nature.
>> I have tried to find it in libraries in my region (rural No. CA) to no
>> avail. I would appreciate hearing from anyone knowing how I can obtain a
>> copy in the U.S.
>> or how I can access it via the Internet.
>To find it in a library, you might have to go to a university. If you
>would like to subscribe, however, you can. I have a copy in front of me,
>and it says the cost is $135 for individuals; the address is:
>Subscription Department
>P.O. Box 1733
>Riverton,NJ 08077-7333
>The phone number is (800) 524-0384. To my knowledge, Nature is not on the
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There actually is a newstand price but I forget what it is and don't have any
issues at home to check. It's hard to find (usually only bookstores with 
extensive foreign magazine and newspaper sales carry things like Nature 
as well).

However, the one odd (IMHO) place where I've seen Nature is at Tower Records.
I don't know why, but it's right there, along side Rolling Stone and other
"journals" :) I've seen it at several Tower Record Locations in a few states, 
so you may want to check it out if you have one in your area.


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