Source of Placozoa wanted

Russell Floyd Watkins rwatkins at
Fri Jan 13 18:47:58 EST 1995

  Does anyone happen to know where I could order/obtain/borrow some 
Trichoplax adhaerens?  I've been wanted to extend some DNA work I'm
doing to the placozoa, but I'm frankly stumped on where I should go
to get ahold of the little beasties.  I'm not in need of any great
number - it would probably be a waste of time for me to culture them,
but if I could find a source where I could get say, a dozen live or
ethanol-preserved samples I'd be very happy.
     Russ Watkins
     Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
     Simon Fraser University
     Burnaby, BC, Canada
     watkins at

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