FS: EKG remote display/strip chart recorder

Leszek Balla les at ripco.com
Mon Jan 16 01:33:18 EST 1995

Leszek Balla (les at ripco.com) wrote:
: The above unit with slow-scan CRT display, and auto-alarm triggered strip chart
: recorder, also has sonolert pulser and LED pulse counter display in 
: beats/minute. Configured in a standard 19" rack-mount case for instrumentation.
: Used in hospital wards to track individuals in rooms of the ward. As such unit 
: needs a 3 volt P-P analog input from remote bio-amp to derive diagnostic
: information. If you have, or can make the front-end amp- this will complete 
: your own EKG unit.
: Creative people might also use this display for monitoring slow timed events, 
: or the chart recorder for the same....................
: Input is balanced line (reduce noise pickup) and low-impedance. Output is into
: display devices mentioned (3). Uses normal 120V AC plug.
: Made by Medical Research Labs, Model MR801.

:  Asking $75.
:                                         ...............Les

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:                                                       --- Leszek Balla
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                                                      --- Leszek Balla
                                                          les at rci.ripco.com

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