African Wild Dog Update:Senegal

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Mon Jan 16 11:54:41 EST 1995

In December of 1994 members of the Licaone Fund and Dr. Claudio Sillero-
Zubiri spent 10 days in and around the Niokolo-Koba National Park in 
Senegal. The major portion of those 10 days were used for interviewing
rangers, tourists, guides and villagers as to sightings of Lycaon pictus.
Although time did not allow for searching for the dogs it is now believed
that the population in that area is somewhere between 50 and 150 individual
animals. We have seen recent pictures of some of Niokolo-Koba's dogs.

The Senegal population of Lycaon is the westernmost of that species. 
Genetic and behavioural aspects of this isolated group could reserve some
interesting surprises.

The Niokolo-Koba is a huge wilderness area that deserves public attention.
This project on the wild dogs could attract interest from the government
to enforce protection and for other organizations to start thinking about
safeguarding the whole ecosystem. We hope to make this species a flagship
for conservation in that area. This will be the first project of its' kind
in West Africa and one of the very few done in the region from a 
conservation perspective.

If you would like any information on Senegal, African Wild Dogs, and
the Licaone fund please feel free to contact me.

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