Thure Etzold etzold at
Mon Jan 16 13:56:38 EST 1995

steipe at (Boris Steipe) wrote:
> Why do you need a new group for SRS ?  I assume _everybody_ who would read
> will also read . I assume _nobody_ who
> reads
> feels that SRS should not be discussed there. Thus if
> pretty much the same people read both groups, why do you need a separate
> group? The traffic is low anyway. I may be wrong but I don't see the
> _need_.

The traffic is still low since most people having questions or
problems write me or other persons in private ...I would love to have that traffic go
to a newsgroup since I keep writing the same responses all the time.

> I think there is actually more to say _against_ this new group: I'm afraid
> overlap between and would be
> considerable. So in the end, half the traffic in SRS will most likely be
> crossposted to the parent group, like we're seeing in so many other closely
> related groups already.

I disagree - most of the messages that I get are apparently
judged by the sender to be too specific for otherwise
they would send them there. 
I think the point is not just to move all postings related to SRS
from to anothere newsgroup but to encourage people 
to ask their questions in public. This concerns both users and people
maintaining SRS on their sites.

Thure Etzold

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