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>> > Each Christmas we travel to my wife's parents' house in San Jose, CA. 
>> > There are a lot of old trees in that neighborhood, and many many squirrels.
>> etc
>They didnt really fit the description of the greys that "can be almost black" so the guide said.
>They looked more like red ones (except, of course, they were black...)

   I was under the assumption that the grey and black squirrels are one and
   the same... just an extreme of their possible colorations ... possibly
   derived from their different locals... another similar case might be the
   eastern screech owl that happens to come in two color phases... and are
   found within the same habitats... not unlike the grey/black squirrels.

   I miss my pair of black squirrels that used to reside behind my apt.
   They had their very own huge tree... which they protected constantly.  I
   think the greys were just a bit jealous... it is the best tree out
   there.  ;-)  guess the greys won in the end. 


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