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>Can someone help me on Darwin's  origin of species by natural selection - 
>I have to read it and don't understand it at all.


Though I am by no means a card-carrying evolutionary biologist, I might 
suggest you check out some of the  literature that dissects the "Origin" for 
you. If you want a fast synopsis, you might try Eli Minkoff's "Evolutionary 
Biology". It's a bit dated, but has a chapter that gives a complete synopsis 
of the "Origin", chapter by chapter. The reason that most folks don't really 
understand the "Origin of the Species" is that it dishes out examples almost 
ad infinitum to hammer home the points Darwin tries to make. I would also 
suggest you check out some books by Stephen Jay Gould, or Ernst Mayr's "One 
Long Argument", they often give you insights into Darwin's worldview along 
with explaining certain aspects of evolution by natural selection.


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