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>This is about the SRS group.

>I think I agree with  people saying that it doesn't have enough
>postings in .software to make people feel they should have  some

The same was true at one point for AceDB. And there is now a low volume group
where people can discuss matters concerning this sytem without having to post
specific questions to Same is even true for GCG and even GDB, 
both of which have low volume groups. It is indeed very good to know one can
post a specific question to a specific newsgroup where the experts wander and 
that one is not filling someones mailbox with 'junk'.

There are quite a number of sites running SRS, either in it's native VMS form,
it's UNIX port (version 3.1) or the new SRS-WWW server. Further access forms
are being developed which will certainly demand a more broad contact surface
for users as well as maintainers. As people get to grips with ODD, they will 
eventually start using SRS to develop and distribute their own database 
parsers .Again, a newsgroup would be most welcome, not only to releive Thure a 
bit, but also to exchange ideas. The parser files could be eventually posted 
to the group (which has been dead for some time) and
annoucements of fixes and problems, as well as enhancements could
easely reach all maintainers via this route.

I think there IS space in the bionet hierarchy for an SRS group. Those not 
interested in SRS will be spared reading about it on Those
maintining it, or planning to do so will be referred to


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