purifying water using shredded horseradish-how?

Alan Kaiser alkaiser at er6.rutgers.edu
Tue Jan 17 16:42:55 EST 1995

In <D2KCIz.2Dw at cix.compulink.co.uk> bjford at cix.compulink.co.uk ("Brian Ford") writes:

><This isn't something to fool around with -- the only <"purify-with-straw"
><suggestion that made any sense was the hay soup idea.

>so wrote<Keith Robison, Harvard University

>Ho, ho. That's like saying" the only superstition that works is the 
>horse-shoe." Most un-Harvard.

>Brian J Ford
>Cambridge (UK).

I believe the "hay soup" idea is in reference to his previous post
that basically said that the only acceptable way to get rid of
pathogens in a situation like this is to boil the water. Forget the
straw, horseradish or any other weird ideas - just boil the water for
20 minutes, period. 

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