Info on pheromones required

Per Staurup staurup at
Tue Jan 17 20:24:33 EST 1995

'm currently performing a series of experiments based on secondary school

level work for

the International Baccaleaurate in chemistry on the makeup of semiochemicals,

in particular

pheromones from insects based in south-eastern Australia.

	I would appreciate greatly if anyone can provide me with information on


research into pheromones and other semiochemicals for various uses particularly

in the field

of pesticides that may be of interest.  The level of complexity doesn't matter

- I'll sift through

the possibilities and decide on appropriate areas.  I'm running out of places

to look and this

seemed to be the ideal place to acquire more information and I know that there

are some

very willing and experienced people on the net.

	Also needed are any databases available in the Pacific Rim area on this

topic which

would also be greatly appreciated.


	I would especially appreciate any information on Australian projects


underway as well as other newsgroups that cater for such research

internationally, regionally

or nationally.

	Thank for your interest into fostering the interests of possible future

scientists and

researchers in this potentially vast area of pest control and agriculture.

P. Staurup

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