Lara Glickman glickman at
Tue Jan 17 16:22:11 EST 1995

Is anyone knowledgable about the skin condition (phenomena) called morphea?
Is it a manifestation of SLE or an autoimmune disease?  Is it indicative 
of anything?  Please tell me anything that you know about it because I am 
resaerching it for someone that has a non-specified connective tissue 
disease who is having great difficulty getting diagnosed but more 
importantly getting well again.  This person also suffers from Crohn's 
disease (or possibly collitis), abnormality on an EEG in the temperol 
lobe as evidenced by seizure activity,  several years ago this person 
also had a history  of seizures but was not put on any anti-convulsants,  
there is also joint pain and fatigue.  Tests have been run eliminating lyme 
disease, numerous forms of cancer, tumors, and various rheumatological 
conditions.  There has been no  concrete evidence in the blood tests of 
rheumatological disorders, ANA is negative along with Rh factor (HLA-B27 
and many many other things). The blood tests have shown an elevated 
Sedimentation rate ( the highest was 84, though not very high as Sed 
rates go), low hematocrit, hemoglobin, RBC's... Spinal tap was performed 
with no medical findings.  History of ulcers  since NSAIDs were begun.  
Gallium scan performed with no findings, except a concentration of 
nuclear material in the lumbar area of the spine which may indicate an 
abnormality in some of the lower vertebrae which was also discovered in a 
MRI of the spine.  What do you think that particular  finding is? Any 
ideas on how to treat this case. Any doctor referrals? thanks again. 

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