Newts: Regenerate or Not

brice at brice at
Wed Jan 18 12:03:09 EST 1995

>I have a pet newt and his name is Jeff.  I just got him today and once I
>got him home I realized that his poor little newty leg is broken.  His
>bone is broken.  The bone is exposed and the only reason that it is still
>around is that it is hanging on by his little newt skin.  He is presently
>resting, but I imagine he is in great pain.
>My question is this:
>Do newts regenerate parts like some other animals?
The only Newt I know puts me in great pain. He must do some regeneration, he 
seems to have tons of gall.

>Should I do anything myself or let nature take it's course?
Mother nature WILL take her course. You, however, should be most careful not 
to repeat anything Jeff's mother  whispers to you "off the record". 

>Is Led Zepplin going to reform the band?
>Please let me know.
I hope so, it's pretty lame as it is.


All kidding aside, I'd put the little thing out of its misery. I don't like 
the thought of anything languishing away for days with a painful compound 
fracture. (well, some really BAD criminals might deserve it.)

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