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: Title:Earth Force Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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: Earth Force
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: What is Earth Force?
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: Earth Force is a new, national organization inspired and shaped
: by young people for three purposes -- environmental education,
: environmental action and public citizenship.  Earth Force is
: based upon the principles that youth can significantly benefit
: the environment through their actions, example and advocacy, that
: environmental sensitivity learned while growing up will produce
: more responsible adult decision makers, and that environmental
: knowledge and understanding is best developed through practical
: experience.

: Funded by a five year start-up grant from The Pew Charitable
: Trusts, Earth Force's vision is "young people everywhere caring
: about the earth, getting good information about the environment,
: sharing new ideas, and working together for a clean and healthy
: future."  Its mission is "to enable young people everywhere to
: act on behalf of the earth."  The organization is guided by the
: Earth Force Youth Advisory Board, which consists of 19 kids ages
: 9-16 most of whom were delegates of the first Kids World Council
: in April 1993 in Orlando, Florida.

Give kids 'good information' about the enviroment.  Sounds good. lessee,
where will this info come from

..delete much...

: Who are Earth Force's advisors?
: -------------------------------

: Earth Force has assembled a team of highly respected
: environmental education experts to review the environmental
: education aspects of its programs.  In addition, Earth Force will
: draw on a variety of scientists from organizations such as the
: World Resources Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists
: to ensure its information is accurate and balanced.

WRI and UCS.  This is going to give kids accurate, balanced information?

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