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Title:Earth Force Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Earth Force

What is Earth Force?

Earth Force is a new, national organization inspired and shaped
by young people for three purposes -- environmental education,
environmental action and public citizenship.  Earth Force is
based upon the principles that youth can significantly benefit
the environment through their actions, example and advocacy, that
environmental sensitivity learned while growing up will produce
more responsible adult decision makers, and that environmental
knowledge and understanding is best developed through practical

Funded by a five year start-up grant from The Pew Charitable
Trusts, Earth Force's vision is "young people everywhere caring
about the earth, getting good information about the environment,
sharing new ideas, and working together for a clean and healthy
future."  Its mission is "to enable young people everywhere to
act on behalf of the earth."  The organization is guided by the
Earth Force Youth Advisory Board, which consists of 19 kids ages
9-16 most of whom were delegates of the first Kids World Council
in April 1993 in Orlando, Florida.

What are Earth Force's goals?

Earth Force has three major goals:

     To help young people learn about local, national and global
environmental problems -- both their causes and their solutions.

     To provide young people with opportunities to take part in
challenging activities that not only help them learn about
environmental issues, but actually contribute to improving the

     To give them the means to express their views about
environmental issues and to be heard by environmental decision
makers and the public.

How is Earth Force funded?

Earth Force has been established by a five year, $12 million
start-up grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts.  Earth Force will
be soliciting additional funding from corporations and
foundations in keeping with the organization's guidelines for
financial support.

Why has Earth Force been created?

Earth Force responds to the need voiced in the "Plan for the
Planet," drafted by the Kids World Council in 1993.  The Kids
World Council delegates called for "an Earth force, a way kids
can get information and share new ideas.  Together we will put
those ideas into action."  Their plan is becoming a reality
through Earth Force.  

Additionally, a Louis Harris poll of more than 10,000 youths
found that kids not only have a strong interest in the
environment but also want to participate in programs which will
benefit the world around them.  Earth Force has been created to
supplement existing youth environmental groups and programs by
providing the national hands-on initiatives which today's kids

What does the Earth Force program look like?

At the core of Earth Force activites are annual campaigns on
specific environmental topics chosen by youth.  Campaign
materials, including student guides and teacher guides will be
broadly distributed free of charge through numerous channels.
Earth Force is also currently developing a series of action kits 
for youth.  Action kits are designed to provide in-depth action
learning for youth interested in exploring specific environmental
topics in greater depth.  Other Earth Force initiatives include
computer networking, an environmental success awards for youth,
an 800 information line, and special publications for youth and

How does Earth Force differ from other youth organizations?

Earth Force puts the power for change directly in the hands of
its members -- the kids themselves.  Earth Force came from kids,
for kids.  Kids will help develop its programs and campaigns. 
>From the "Kids Choose" vote to the current "GO WILD FOR WILDLIFE"
Campaign, all the way through to programs and activities to be
launched in the future, youth will help shape the organization.

Who will participate in Earth Force?

Earth Force is for all interested kids, urban, suburban and
rural, roughly between the ages of 6-18.  Research conducted on
behalf of Earth Force by Louis Harris and Associates shows that
concern for the environment is greatest among children in the
4th-6th grades, but declines among older kids.  Earth Force hopes
to sustain interest in the environment by offering young people
information in engaging ways and programs and campaigns which
will have a measurable impact.  The earlier young people learn
that they can make a difference, the stronger their commitment to
the environment will become.

How will kids get Earth Force materials?

Young people will learn about Earth Force through a variety of
channels, including schools, Earth Force Alliance members, youth
groups, church groups, libraries and recreation centers.  In
addition to the action kits, Earth Force will produce teachers'
guides and offer teacher training sessions.  Earth Force will
work with the media to shed light on its environmental
initiatives and educational activities.  Finally, in keeping with
its mandate, Earth Force plans to incorporate the latest
technological developments to attract more kids to environmental
programs, including computer networks, CD ROM materials and
educational video games.

Who is on the Earth Force Youth Advisory Board?

The 1994 Youth Advisory Board consists of 19 members, ages 9-16,
most of whom were delegates to the Kids World Council.  The
membership reflects a wide range of environmental action and
leadership experience as well as the country's ethnic and
regional diversity.

Who are Earth Force's advisors?

Earth Force has assembled a team of highly respected
environmental education experts to review the environmental
education aspects of its programs.  In addition, Earth Force will
draw on a variety of scientists from organizations such as the
World Resources Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists
to ensure its information is accurate and balanced.

Who are Earth Force's adult directors?

Earth Force has assembled a Board of Directors from a wide array
of fields.  Roy Gamse, President of Earth Force comes to the
organization from MCI, where he served as a Senior Vice
President.  His environmental experience includes ten years at
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with five years as a
Deputy Assistant Administrator of EPA.

The initial Board of Directors also includes:

 - Douglas Foy, Executive Director, Conservation Law Foundation
   (Chair of Earth Force)
 - Michael Calhoun, Vice President, Lewin-VHI
 - Gary Lieberthal, Castle Hill, (Former President of Columbia
 - Jack Lorenz, Writer-in-Residence, Izaak Walton League of
 - Marge Tabinkin, Executive Director, Hollywood Women's
   Political Caucus
 - Eddie Williams, President, Joint Center for Political and
   Economic Studies

Earth Force's staff in Arlington, Virginia manages the
organization on a day-to-day basis.  Under Gamse's direction, the
staff coordinates the activities of the Youth Advisory Board,
develops environmental education and action programs, develops
Earth Force's communication programs, and works with other
environmental, educational, and youth groups.  

Why has Earth Force created the EF Alliance?

Earth Force's campaigns, programs and fundraising will support
and supplement existing organizations in its alliance such as the
Children's Alliance for Protecting the Environment (CAPE) and The
Natural Guard.  Alliance members will work in collaboration with
Earth Force to develop and distribute environmental education and
action materials while providing a structure for children to take
part in Earth Force programs.

Which organizations will make up the Earth Force Alliance?

The Earth Force Alliance currently includes the Children's
Alliance for Protecting the Environment (CAPE), The Natural Guard
and the Tree Musketeers.  Earth Force expects to include other
organizations as the network becomes more fully established.

How do I get more information on Earth Force?

Call or write to Earth Force at 1501 Wilson Blvd, 12th Floor,
Arlington, VA 22209; tel: (703) 243-7400; fax: (703) 243-7066;
e-mail: earthforce at


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