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>Is it possible for a woman to ovulate at any time during her cycle?
>I think I ovulate right after I menstruate, can this be possible?
First questio: yes (kind of) Second question, I doubt it.  The average time
is 14 days.  This time may vary.  The first half of the cycle (the
follicular phase) is determined by how long the folicles take to develop. 
The second half (endometrial phase) is determined by the length of the life
of the corpus luteum (remaining follicles after ovulation).  At the time of
ovulation, two hormones, FSH and LH are preparing follicles (ovum-egg
cells)to develop.  One follicle will develop and at the time of a surge in
LH, this follicle will be ovulated.  It takes time for the follicles to
"get ready" and to go through one more stage of meiosis, so you wouldn't be
able to ovulate right after menstruation.

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