Earth Force Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (fwd)

Dann M. Sklarew dsklarew at
Thu Jan 19 23:20:10 EST 1995

On 19 Jan 1995, Jason Edward Floyd wrote:
> : education aspects of its programs.  In addition, Earth Force will
> : draw on a variety of scientists from organizations such as the
> : World Resources Institute and the Union of Concerned Scientists
> : to ensure its information is accurate and balanced.
> WRI and UCS.  This is going to give kids accurate, balanced information?

At least they're drawing from a scientific crowd, which is more than is 
true for many other environmental initiatives.  I would add that if you 
know of more "balanced" or *balancing* info, you should consider posting
it, so that others might benefit from awareness of the alternatives...

Thanks in advance for doing so!

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