Help on Meal Worms and Caffeine

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Fri Jan 20 17:07:46 EST 1995

Hi to all who chose to take the time to read this.  
	I am currently a researcher doing ground breaking research having to do with 
caffeine addiction/ and preference.  The problem I chose to research for a 
science competition is to determine if meal worms (tenebrio molitor) will 
carry over their preference for caffeine after going through the pupae stage 
and metamorphosing into a beetle.  The basis of my experiment revolves around 
the thesis that meal worms DO NOT already hold a natural predilection for 
caffeine but WILL DEVELOP ONE.
	The thesis is to be tested in the first stage of my experiment by exposing 
the meal worms to two groups of food, food absorbed in a caffeine solution and 
the same food by itself.  In this stage, I will check to see which group of 
food the meal worms prefer to eat from.  If the meal worms show the tendency 
to avoid caffeinated food, the following procedures would be followed.
	The meal worms will be exposed to the caffeinated food for about three weeks. 
 This will be done by dividing approximately forty meal worms into two groups; 
one group will be exposed to food absorbed in caffeine and the other group 
will act as a control being fed food not absorbed in caffeine.
	During the time that the meal worms go into their pupae stage and 
metamorphose into a beetle, they do not need to be fed.
	The final stage of experimentation focuses on the main idea of my experiment. 
 It is during this stage that i will test the prob;em to determine whether 
ONLY the meal worms who were exposed to caffeine when they were larvae 
continue to have thier preference for caffeinated food when they are now 
	ANY help, suggestions, ideas will greatly be appreciated. I will be sure to 
include you in my findings.  If you can please e-mail at my address at:
				NYCity1 at
because I don't frequent this newsgroup too often.  Thank you !! (Danny)

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