Alopecia Areata

tHe tHe
Fri Jan 20 20:43:06 EST 1995

I posted an article here about 6 months ago concerning the autoimmune skin  
disease that I have:  Alopecia Areata.  I was curious about solutions and  
what people have tried and I got a lot of email from people who have it or  
no people who are close to them that have it.

Well, since then, I have gotten all my hair back to about 95-98%.  I had  
tried everything up till then...(creams, diet, Minoxadil (sp?) and  

Well..the solution for me was intralesional injections with a steroid.  I  
noticed considerable amounts of growth after 3 months of shots every  

Just thought I would lend a hand..


Ricardo Cortes (tHe daNCeR)
Allegheny College
email:       cortesr at
NeXTMail:  cortesr at

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