Information Retrieval and Genomics workshop notes

John N Guidi jng at
Sat Jan 21 10:26:56 EST 1995

    The notes from the ACM Workshop on Information Retrieval and Genomics,
held May 2-4, 1994 at the National Library of Medicine, are now available
via the World Wide Web at URL:
PostScript and DVI copies are available, with HTML to come. Thanks to Ed Fox 
and Laurie Zirkle for making these available at Virginia Tech. 

    The following is from the Call for Participation (CFP) and illustrates what
the Workshop was about:
This workshop brings together researchers and developers in information
retrieval (IR) technologies with scientists who are actively involved with 
research in genomics (genetics, molecular biology, and allied fields). 
People involved in informatics efforts that support these activities are 
especially encouraged to participate.

A number of efforts are underway to create new, or to improve extant, 
resources that provide information on DNA sequences, genetic linkage, gene 
expression, phenotypic effects, comparative genetics, etc. There are a number
of areas where IR can make further contributions in the development of these 
resources. Examples include, but are not limited to: efficient handling of
unstructured text; interoperability of text and databases; navigational 
issues; indexing; linguistic analysis of sequences; motif identification; 
network access to singular and federated systems; user interface issues.

The goals of this interdisciplinary workshop are to:

     o classify some of the problems that providers of genomic resources are
       faced with, and how these problems are currently being addressed.

     o provide feedback from the IR community as to the techniques currently
       being used by the genomics community to address their IR needs.

     o identify specific IR areas and topics that have potential and that
       require additional research.

     o provide a forum for real collaborations to develop among members of
       the IR and genomics communities.

Participation in the workshop is by invitation, based on electronic position 
papers submitted by prospective participants. 

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