Instrumentation for sale

John Nickel jnickel at
Sat Jan 21 13:11:53 EST 1995

The following laboratory equipment is available from a small bio research
company in the Bay Area.  If you are interested in any of the listed items
please contact me directly at the following Phone or E-Mail

John Nickel
jnickel at

Equipment for sale:

Backup Diesel Power Generator (60 Amp, 120/108 V, 3 phase) -- $12,000.00
Lab glassware dishwasher (American Sterilizer Co.)         -- $15,000.00

Instruments for sale:

Molecular Devices ThermoMax plate reader                   -- $ 6,000.00
Bio Rad Densitometer / Quadra 650 (20Mb/230Mb)             -- $ 9,000.00
Beckman UV Spectrophotometer                               -- $ 5,000.00

All Equipment is as.  Best offers will be considered.
Thresher Communications and Productivity / Inter Pacific
jnickel at  Voice:  408.249.4213  Fax:  408.249.7030
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