Amino Acids

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> I am writing a program to help people remember amino acid structures,
> codes, etc. and I was wondering if anyone would like to share their tips
> on how to remember which is which. Thank you in advance for your help.
> Jim Galt

In a proteins class taught by Dr. Agnes Henshen-Edmond at UCI, she taught us
the one letter codes for amino acids using the following scheme.  Some of them
you remember using the first letter, but for others, just remember the
weird way of pronouncing the AA.  This has worked for me!
A = alanine
C = cysteine
D = asparDic acid
E = gluE for glutamic acid
F = Fenylalanine
G = glycine
H = histidine
I = isoleucine
K = lysine (you just have to remember this one)
L = leucine
M = methionine
N = asparagiNe
P = proline
Q = Q-tamine, rhymes with glutamine
R = R-ginine for arginine
S = serine
T = threonine
V = valine
W = tryptophan (think of a big W like the 2 rings in the structure)
Y = tYrosine
I hope that helps!
Michelle Tabb

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